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Online Density Measurement System for Paper Machines

To make the paper reels of high quality is a good density measurement system is necessary.

The Density Measurement System has an extremely advanced pulse counter
made in programmable logic circuits.
The pulse counter
is done with a specially developed algorithms to provides an extreme resolution and 60 layers of paper after reel change are the density measuring working (see Figure 1).
Thickness and density measurement is updated every three layers of paper.

Figure 1: Reel shift data logging, diagrams as a function of time.

Reel Turn-up
Control of nip is most difficult from turn-up and to the secondary arms is controlling the nip load. At the turn-up position, hook loading pressure and gravity forces act in the same direction, giving a high nip load. On the rails, the gravity component acts at right angles to the nip, giving a low nip load. Once the spool is on the rails, the secondary arms start to load.

Paper Machine Reels
After all the effort that has gone into producing a high quality sheet of paper prior to the paper machine reel, it is crucial to build a good quality jumbo reel. This ensures that crepe wrinkles, for example, do not result in losses. One of the key parameters in building a good quality jumbo reel is nip load. Variations in nip over the building time of the jumbo reel cause differences in reel density and wound in tension and hence result in crepe wrinkles as the layers slip over each other.

Figure 2: Data logging, diagrams as a function of diameter.

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