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Reel Optimizing System for Paper Machines
(DensitrolROS from Vishay Precision Group)

The Density Measurement System in the Reel Optimizing System (ROS) from Vishay Precision Group is developed by SioData HB in close cooperation with Processelektronik AB.

The Density Measurement System has an extremely advanced pulse counter
made in programmable logic circuits.
The pulse counter
is done with a specially developed algorithms to provides an extreme resolution and 60 layers of paper after reel change are the density measuring working (see Figure 1).
Thickness and density measurement is updated every three layers of paper.

Figure 1: Logging the change of paper reel, diagrams as a function of time.

Reel-Turn-Up Trigger.
Loss reduction by precise calculation of required reel size.

Wound in Density Profiles.
Continuous monitoring of reel structure for quality assurance.

Setpoint Control.
Improved reel structure or quality using diameter dependent recipes curves optimized by grade and reel size.

Additional Monitoring.
Improved process diagnostics by monitoring and archiving control and quality parameters (force, pressure, tension, torque, etc.)

Figure 2: Data logging, diagrams as a function of diameter.

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